Do you own a secure underground bunker that has spare room for 1 or more occupants in times of crisis?


Or do you have an established bunker that you’d like to sell?


underground-bunkersAlternatively, perhaps you’d just like to partner with a like-minded person to build a bunker in a specific area?


If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ll reap the benefits of listing your bunker with us.



How Can I Benefit From Listing My Bunker / Bunker Project With You?


Here are some of the benefits of listing your bunker on our network:

  • Connect with like-minded people that could have complimentary survival skills
  • Share the costs of building, managing or even stocking your bunker
  • Charge and make money from those that have a confirmed place in your bunker
  • You’ll be saving lives in the event of a catastrophe



Won’t Listing My Bunker Compromise Its Security?




Although our members area contains a map plotting bunker locations, these locations are not precise. We ask that bunker owners provide a location within 5 miles of the actual bunker to help protect security.


Furthermore, you decide who to and who not to respond to after being contacted. Here is a sneak preview of the members area:


bunker locations




What Can I Charge Potential Occupants?


Some offer bunker space for free whereas most charge.


The rate you charge depends entirely on the specifics related to your bunker including its location, security, resource, features, amenities, available space and more.


One of the largest luxury US underground bunker companies charge $50,000 per adult. Other companies charge a smaller sum with yearly pricing. For a small, private bunker the occupancy cost should be substantially lower.


To help determine pricing, we recommend that you first calculate the costs associated with your bunker and then include a provision for offering this security. It is between you and the potential occupant to negotiate what you both feel is a fair price.




How Do I Join?


You can access our continually updated private members area of bunkers, and list your own bunker / plans for for the low cost of $47.


To maintain your subscription there’s the small annual charge of just $27 – a tiny investment into the safety of you and your family. Of course, you can cancel at any time.


Please note that the members fee will rise to $97 as our network expands. However, existing members will always be charged the original low rate throughout their membership so take advantage now…

Bunker Listing & Access Package

List Your Bunker & Locate Bunkers Around The World

  • Connect With Potential Bunker Partners, Subscribers 
  • Locate Bunkers Around The World 
  • Save Lives In A Crisis
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Once payment is complete, you will be redirected to our registration form to provide membership info. You’ll then be setup on our systems within 72 hours.