Most people are unaware of the sheer vulnerability that modern society faces.


An over-dependence on technology and the lack of basic survival knowledge means that the unprepared would have little chance of survival in the event of a local or global catastrophe.


Some Of The Bunker Locations In Our Private Members Area

Some Of The Bunker Locations In Our Private Members Area

That’s why we exist. Those looking to sell or offer space in an existing underground bunker can create a listing in our private members area.


We also accept listings from people that want to build a bunker in conjunction with others.


And our subscribers in need of secure shelter can access our map to find local preppers that they can potential partner with.



Real Risks


And there are many scenarios in which our world could be brought to a halt giving rise to martial law. There is a undeniable risk of:


  • Global Crisis & SurvivalNuclear War
  • Natural Disasters
  • Financial Collapse
  • Disease Pandemic
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Electro Magnetic Pulses
  • Critical Resource Shortages
  • Superinteligent AI
  • & More


Global leaders already have access to secure locations in times of crisis, however, most of us do not. That’s where we come in…



How We Help


The critical element for survival during a catastrophe is having ready access to a secure, well-stocked place of shelter. This is most often in the form of an underground bunker.


However, building a bunker can be extremely costly. In addition, even if you have a secure bunker it’s wise to have additional options in the event of your bunker being unaccessible – possibly due to your location at the time of the catastrophe or the location being compromised.


At Bunker Network, we connect preppers in our private members area so they have life-saving shelter options should the worst occur.



 Looking For A Bunker? Our Members Area Lets You:


  • Access Preppers Who Are Interested In Joining Others To Build & Stock A Bunker
  • Access Preppers Who Have Housing Space In An Existing Bunker
  • Share Local Knowledge, Expertise & Tips


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Do You Have A Bunker? Our Members Area Lets You:


  • Connect With Preppers Interested In Joining Others To Build & Stock A Bunker
  • Offer Bunker Space To Local Preppers For Free Or At A Cost
  • Share Local Knowledge, Expertise & Tips


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Recent Disasters & Crises


The reiterate the need for secure shelter, we just need to look at the devastation caused by recent disasters and crises. Here is just a small collection:


  • 2010 – Hgravesaiti Eathquake – 159 thousand fatalities
  • 2005 – Hurricane Katrina – 1.8 thousand fatalities
  • 2003 – Second Congo War – 5.4 million fatalities
  • 1994 – Rawandan Genocide – 1 million fatalities
  • 1988 – Soviet War in Afganistan – 2 million fatalities
  • 1983 – South America Operation Condor – 80 thousand fatalities
  • 1962 – Great Chinese Famine – 55 million fatalities
  • 1953 – The Great Smog of London – 12 thousand fatalities
  • 1945 – World War II – 72 million fatalities
  • 1939 – Spanish Civil War – 1 million fatalities
  • 1920 – Global Flu Pandemic – 75 million fatalities

Sources: Wikipedia Death Toll Lists



It is inevitable that we will see another major catastrophe, possibly of greater magnitude, that change the world as we know it. And when that does occur, you should know that you’ve done everything possible to protect yourself and loved ones.


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